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Davie (Florida) - general information

Here is brief information about Davie in this review. Davie is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States. In 2010, the US Census Bureau estimated the city's population was 91,992. The city is part of the South Florida metropolitan area, which is home to 5,463,857 people.

Mark on the map: coordinates: 26°4′53″N 80°16′49″W

City area: 35.78 square miles.

Government type: council-manager.

Mayor: Judy Paul.

Small but promising city

Davie is a very small city. Also, the numbers of the rating are interesting on it. For example, it ranks 309th in terms of population among all US cities. And in the state of Florida, Davie is in 22nd place. Considering various criteria: economy, GDP, living standards, and so on, Davie ranked 4817th among all cities in the world .. Geographically, Davie is located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

History reference

Davie was founded by a group of settlers made up of former builders of the Panama Canal. The settlement was originally called "Zona" but after Randolph P. Davie, the property developer, bought about 27,000 acres (109 km2), the name was changed to Davie. Much of the land was simply the eastern part of the Everglades, and the early history of the city was somehow tied to the problem of draining wetlands. The official founding date of Davie is 1909.

Davie today and tomorrow

Today Davie has become one of the promising cities in Florida. There is a rapid development of infrastructure, entrepreneurship, technological innovation, social policy. The city administration is actively introducing other progressive measures that affect the life of the city. Davie is actively growing, being built, and very soon will become a major economic, scientific, industrial center of Florida.